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Ford GPA sierra
WRC Group A

    Sierra 3 door GPB /A parts
    Body shell weld on parts
    Sump guard and support
    Weld in seat rails
    Weld on front roll bar brackets Rear weld on roll bar brackets Weld on engine mount brackets pr Front suspension
    GPA Alloy upright
    Wheel bearings
    Wheel flanges
    Steering arms
    TCA ‘s
    TCA pin kit
    Alloy upright fitting kit
    Comp strut
    Comp strut brackets
    Alloy top mounts
    Front Bilstein dampers
    GPA front cross member Front adjustable roll bar kit complete Large wheel stud kit
    Rear suspension
    GPA steel adjustable rear arms
    Rear beam Beam fitting kit Rear Bilstien dampers complete
    Rear drive shafts
    Rear adjustable roll bar kit complete 7 ½ “Rear ZF plated LSD diff complete Ratio's 3.9 ( 4.1 (
    Bias pedal box
    Alloy fuel tanks
    Twin fuel pump set up
    Alloy radiator with fans
    Perspex window set Flocked dash Navi foot rest carbon Driver false floor carbon Lamp pod bare
    all £ POA