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    China Manufacturing of Diesel Fuel Injection System.
    Chinahanji Power Co.,Ltd We are the world diesel engine fuel injection system producer.
    Chinahanji parts plant:We are specializing in diesel fuel injection system.All produets
    are in higher quality with competitive price.Our clientsare throughout the Word_America,
    Europe,mid_east,southeastAsia etc.
    Our specialized oil fuel injecting pump serial production expert,mainly produces
    the smooth talker, the plunger, the delivery valve,pumps the prime a series of oil fuel
    injecting pump vulnerable product.
    Chinahanji Power Co.,Ltd:We fuel fountain Co., Ltd. of containing etc. in being, it is
    specialized fuel that spray pump system produce experts, mainly produce: Glib talker, the
    post is filled the valve in, produce oil, such a series of fuel as ve pump ,etc. spray the
    accessories of the pump.Visit our website. http://www.chinahanji.com & http://www.vepump.cn & http://www.dieselchinahanji.com&http://www.chinanozzle.com
    Email:[email protected] Tel:+86-594-3603380 Fax:+86-594-3600560
    We are the OEM who has specialized in manufacturing of diesel fuel injection system for quite a few years.Our parts include nozzle, elements & plunger, delivery valve, VE-pump and so on.
    7W7037 OR3425
    170-5181(7W7045) 0R3591
    170-5187 (7W7038) 0R4174
    170-5183 0R4336
    1W5829 OR2503
    4W7015 OR3419
    4W7016 OR3420
    4W7017 OR3421
    4W7018 OR3422
    4W7019 OR3536
    4W7022 OR3426
    4W7032 124.有
    100-7551 OR4335
    100-7552 OR4336
    7W7026 OR3423
    7N0449 0R3568
    7W7031 0R8785
    7W7040 0R3586
    7W7032 OR3424
    7W7038 OR4124
    8N7005 OR3418
    8N7007 0R3421
    9L6969 OR2501
    4W7020 OR8791
    4W7021 OR9797
    7W7030 OR8784
    130-1804 0R8787
    9Y4982 0R3002
    100-7562 OR4343
    129-1351 0R9943
    100-7559 OR4340
    171-4093 10R5578
    131-3190 没有
    127-8222 0R8461
    127-8211 0R8477
    127-8216 0R8682
    127-8218 0R8684
    127-8225 0R8469
    127-8228 0R8465
    107-4091 0R4376
    107-1230 0R3580
    4P2995 0R8471DC/0R3389
    4P1731 0R3580
    127-8213 0R8473
    127-8207 0R8475DC
    127-8209 0R8483/0R3742
    140-8413 0R8867
    320-0677/2645A746 10R7671
    320-0680/2645A747 10R7672
    320-0690/2645A749 10R7673
    161-1708  10R0960
    4P9077 0R2925
    4P9075 0R3381
    211-3023 10R2781
    198-6605 10R0781
    374-0750 20R2284
    177-4754 10R0782
    109-5038 10R2782
    117-7663 10R0957
    117-1148 0R4118
    184-4927 10R8501
    137-2500 10R0963
    239-4909 10R1273
    137-2500 10r0963
    229-5918 10R1814
    229-5919 10R1000
    250-1302 10R1303
    211-3025 10R0955
    116-8805 OR9530
    194-5083  10R0963
    212-3462 10R0967
    103-4562 0R4300
    109-5021 10R2781